Following the success of my eating plan and many request from my patients for food demos, I have decided to join forces with a very special patient of mine, Karin Foreman a professional cook and caterer. From my first session with Karin I realized that our taste for food and interests in good health very much coincide. We plan on working together in order to bring you super healthy recipes skillfully formed into works of art that will satisfy not only you but your entire family too. With these recipes you will be able to make changes towards a happier, healthier and delicious way of eating.

These recipes are designed to be used in conjunction with the weight loss program I teach. We will give you tips and pointers each week to help you along. Each dish produce will be monitored dietetically for your health and weight loss, but will also be so enticing that they could easily be mistaken for gourmet dishes. Karin will be using all her culinary skills to create tastes and textures using only the healthiest ingredients and cooking methods in order to ensure that you can change your diet without having to give up on flavor. Karin and I believe that healthy food should also be delicious food.

Combining Karin’s expertise in gourmet cuisine and my cutting edge in nutritional wisdom, encompassing low GI principles, healthy fats and a clean approach to home cooking we will skillfully form recipes into works of arts. We will provide recipes and pictures of these dishes to make it easy for you to follow along.

Say healthy to good carbs, healthy fats, and fantastic new ways with veg.

Elana & Karin

Two Healthy Cookies


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