My First Ever Blog….

Food is a big source of pleasure in my life, I enjoy the preparation, garnishing, presentation, aroma, texture, quality of ingredients,  and everything that comes with it. I started teaching cookery five years ago for both kids and adults and over the years I have developed a love of healthy food, wholesome ingredients, fresh flavours and the nutrients that come with it. I also started my little catering business out of the enjoyment of seeing people indulge in my food creations. At the same time something went wrong and while I fed everyone with my beautiful food I was stuffing my body with a quick fix of sugar and carbs to keep me going! The kilograms started adding up with my busy life routine and I realised that I needed to do something about it and fast…  I thought to myself that my body deserves better!!

So with a wish to lose some weight, I decided to go to a dietitian, I had heard so much about Elana Hirschowitz and decided to give her plan a go myself.IMG_8572 (2)Her method worked and I started shedding some kilograms and developed an awareness for eating the good carbs and quitting the white stuff… In addition, I learned about new food and how it affects our bodies.

It was so easy to talk to Elana  and we found that we had so much in common, mainly the love of good food. When Elana offered me the opportunity to write a book together with her I couldn’t have been happier. I thought the best way to start our new adventure would be to start with a blog where everyone can enjoy our work, watch my weight loss progress and healthy eating routine and leave us some comments and support.

So that’s how ‘two healthy cookies’ was born. This is where we celebrate our love for healthy food and wellbeing.

I know losing weight is not always easy, but in my opinion, starting to eat healthier is more manageable as it can actually also be delicious. I love exploring with new food and exciting possibilities and when that leads to associated weight loss, so much the better.

You too can make the entire family join you (without them noticing, hopefully…) by being a role-model and eating nutritious meals together.

I also think that joining me in my challenge and doing it together will give us all the support and encouragement that we need and make eating well extremely easy by following Elana’s low GI plan  and my menus and recipes.

I will start my process by following a healthy diet, but one that I can stick to eating mainly fresh, home cooked food with low-GI ingredients.

One of the secrets of success is planning ahead, and I will therefore publish a shopping list for the week ahead to give you the opportunity to have all you need ready to go in your fridge, I will also be cooking bigger portions to encourage you to freeze meals for later in the week.

So with all of that in mind I’m going to get working, writing and cooking…

Happy and healthy 2016 everyone and I hope to see you soon again

Karin x


20 thoughts on “My First Ever Blog….

  1. Karin congratulations on your new venture and blog! I’m in constant need for mealtime inspiration so I will be following closely! Xxx


  2. I need to jump on board, going to follow and be inspired by you so we can also make the change.
    Proud of you and look forward to following this dream


  3. Well done Karin I look forward to following ur blog and get some ideas on what to cook for the family.
    Roll on the 9th Jan!!! X


  4. Sounds like a plan. Eating healthy is the key for our health. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress.


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