Food should be a culinary orgasm


Photo from Burnt

Have you watched the movie Burnt yet? I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen and had to watch it twice… yes twice in a row in case I missed something… it’s not a movie for the Oscars and unfortunately  it doesn’t focus much on the actual food itself but if you love Michelin restaurants, fast kitchens and conceited chefs – then you should  definitely watch it. It’s all about the love of food, pushing the boundaries and second chances (that we all deserve).

I always knew chefs are arrogant, they think they are the closest thing to god and I loved Chef Adam John’s quote of his mentor Jean Luc:

“It was God who created oysters and apples and you can’t improve recipes like that but this is our job to try” and damn right we must try and try hard!

I also agreed with Chef Adam that “we should be dealing with a culinary orgasm not just interesting food”.

The movie is full with incredible photography, the composition and views of London’s sky line, the Langham and Billingsgate markets just reminded me of how much I love living in this city. Although we don’t grow the best fruit and vegetables in the world, we do have some of the most talented chefs and outstanding top restaurants. burnt-2

The movie kept me on my toes and my heart beating fast, the hue of the ingredients like the tomatoes on the table and the courgette flowers resting in a straight line, Billingsgate market –  I could smell the freshness of the fish. The immaculate kitchen, the clanking sound of the pots and pans, the sharpness of the knives.  This clinical white restaurant – exactly how I always wanted mine to be, like a pharmacy …

The effort and the million attempts behind every dish, the sleepless nights, tossing and turning, planning the next course or recipe.

The hopes, dreams, desire, ambition and stress to be successful, to be the best that we can be.

The team work, techniques, attention to detail, the thrill and determination to get it perfectly right.

burnt dessert
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Photo from Burnt

All the fuss and hoo-ha, it’s my culinary addiction – I love watching it on a movie but it only intensifies why I will not work in a professional kitchen or will own my own restaurant.  It definitely inspired me to go back to my (not so small) kitchen and cook from the best ingredients I can get and visit again some of the fantastic markets we have here in London (if I can only wake up early enough!)

“Cooking should be consistent in experience but not consistent in taste. I want people to sit at that table and be sick with longing”.

Chef Adam Johns

So with that in mind, I’m going to plan my next week’s meal plan for the RESET program.

See you all soon again and have a great week


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